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Skincare & Facials

Pamper yourself with a facial treatment and you will love the look and feel. Choose from a classic option or something more exotic and discover the ultimate skincare experience. Facials can be restorative or healing with each designed to improve the look and feel of the skin.


The powerful healing properties of serums, combined with advanced skin care technology will leave your skin feeling refreshed and smooth. In addition, imagine the effects of these powerful serums that derived from plants. They will give you an instant glow. 

Facial Treatments

We offer high-quality, anti-aging and volumizing skin treatments that will revitalize the texture of dull and loose skin. We have facials that work on hyperpigmentation and acneic skin as well. Our products have great absorption properties to give vitality to sagging skin and improves wrinkles.

Treatment Benefits

Cleanse the Skin
Blood Circulation
Detoxify the Skin
Soft & Glowing Skin